Adoption is bringing 2 families into one. It is accepting the past and rejoicing in the now and future. It is different backgrounds, races, cultures, and sexes joining together as a family and making it work. Everything about adoption is beautiful and it surrounds you more then you think. Its in commercials, its in movies, and its in tv shows. It may not directly state adoption but its there. I was watching a commercial the other day, a eggo commercial, it was a white family complaining about there being no more eggos and then this kid (you dont see him only his hand) grab a eggo breakfast sandwich and put it in the microwave and he sits down and show his face and he is Asian. Adoption is becoming more socially acceptable, and its wonderful.  I love how diverse adoption is. I have seen so many stories of a white family adopting a black child, or a black family adopting a white child, or a gay couple. I wish the rest of the country could be like that. Loving each other no matter where they came from or what they look like. In a sense adopting one another treat everyone like family.