When I was 17 I started going to this alternative school that helped me get my ged and my professional photographer certificate.  My first day I felt awkward, like I didnt belong there. I was the only white girl in a class full of minorities whom all claimed a gang.  I quietly took my seat, didnt make eye contact with anyone and just did what was asked of me.
About half way through the teacher made all of us stand in a circle, and did the “lets get to know each other” game. We went around a circle and introduced ourselves. “hi my name is Kedra, Im going here for the same reason all of you are, Im turning 18 on the 23rd” thats when I hear Vic, “my birthday is the 23rd too!”
For the next 2 weeks Vic took me under his wing, I got a lot of crap from almost everyone there especially when I wore a certain color. I was constantly made fun of and talked down to, Vic always stood up for me. I felt bad for him, he wanted to do good in life but he didnt know how to get out of the gang that he was prematurely put into. He didnt have support and really had to defend for himself. I saw Vic as an awesome caring guy who just needed a little positive in his life. 1 month later I got thrown off, Vic asked me for a pad! I was so confused and he could tell I was confused, thats when Vic told me he was actually a girl. “I was born a girl but Ive always wanted to be a boy, I go by Vic because my name is Victoria” I was so full of questions, at that point I had never met a transgender person.  He ended up telling me that when he was 3 his grandma asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said “i want to be a boy”. I was baffled, you always here that its a decision people make when they are older, and confused. No he was 3 years old and he knew that he didnt want to be a girl, he wanted to be a boy.
Vic was my best friend and he told me that he never had anyone in his life like me, who supported him, accepted him, and actually wanted him to do good in life. Even the teachers told me that I was what he needed for him to know his worth and for him to keep going. I dont know what happened to Vic but I hope he was able to achieve what he wanted to in his life.
The point of this is that we are all so quick to judge someone based off of what the media is telling you. What is there to fear? You, the person who is straight who is doing the “right” thing what is there to fear with these people who are “faggots” “queer” “doing the wrong thing”. What is so scary about that? You know that feeling when you were younger and you wanted to do something so bad but you didnt because the other kids where making fun of you? You know when you were playing dodge ball and you were the last to get picked for a team, and how crappy you felt about that? You remember when you were the new kid in school and you had no friends so you sat quietly until someone noticed you? That feeling of not belonging, that feeling of loneliness, that feeling in your stomach where you dont think you will be able to make it another day at school, but your parents made you go any way? That feeling sucks its crappy, but eventually you were accepted and you moved on with your life. These people are just like you, they just want to be accepted for who they are. Not for their label, but them as people, cause thats all they are, people. They breath, eat and shit just like straight people. They love, they care and believe it or not they have feelings too. This label, this tag society has created for them to “wear” is stupid.  You, the people who fear of transgender people sharing a bathroom with your daughters cause something might happen to her. IF you are really scared for your daughters life like that, dont let her walk to school, there was a little girl here 3 years ago who was abducted on her way to school, the 17 year old tortured her and cut her body into pieces and hid it in his closet, he was straight. Also dont let her go to school, I was molested in 8th grade by 3 guys in middle of the classroom while the teacher went away, then again my 9th grade year I was held under water until my face turned blue so a guy could feel me up, they were also straight.  Dont let her have a facebook or instagram because there are perverts who will look at her pictures and maybe stalk her; but to fear for her because a man who now identifies himself as a women using the womens bathroom is stupid. You do realize when she gets to college most of the bathrooms are shared between men and women, like a penis could be peeing in one stall and a vagina in the next stall, no one has ever batted an eye at that.     I dont know what the big deal is. Teach your child to accept, to love, and to have compassion. This world lacks it, and its because people are raised to discriminate, to hate, to look down on anyone who is different then our history books.  This is a new age, a new generation, its now the present not the past. Make this world a better place.