This blog is for past, present and future birth mothers who have gone through adoption or who are thinking about going through adoption. These are their stories of their experiences with adoption and or loss during pregnancy and after. If you or anyone you know is looking to adopt or place a baby for adoption please contact us. Thank you for taking the time to read our stories.

About the Women in adoptions by Heart
Jeanne Reisig has a masters degree in Psychology and Counseling. Jeanne has worked in the field of adoption for 15 years with hundreds of birth parents helping them make an adoption plan for their babies and providing the gift of life to adoptive families who are unable to conceive a child. Her background includes working closely with adoptees in their search of their biological parents counseling, supporting and addressing any issues that arise during the process.  Jeanne has spoken at fundraisers and has often talked to high school classes about the adoption process and has presented the subject at seminars across the country. In her personal life, is a native of Colorado, a high adventure traveler, and the mother of two grown successful daughters.

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