Being pregnant was one of the great gifts God ever gave me. I was the one who got to know my son personally, I already knew what kind of music and food he liked and jut how hyper he would have been.


My pregnancy was  easy at the beginning, the first trimester I had no morning sickness and I slept great. All I got at the beginning was these horrible headaches that wouldn’t go away unless I went to bed, which I was fine with doing.  Second trimester was the best! I started getting the cute little baby bump and all the coma like tiredness was gone. I felt amazing and loved watching as I got bigger and bigger each week. Finally the third trimester, which wasn’t as fun. The cute baby bump turned into this massive belly and I felt that he no longer had any room to grow, getting a good nights rest was hard with the limited positions to sleep in. My back always hurt and so did my ribs. I also had the worst heartburn every single night that would take about 3-4 tums to make it go away. Arlo was always most active at night, he clearly didn’t know the difference between night and day. I remember waking up in the middle of the night with him kicking my ribs or turning over. By week 35 I was ready to no longer be pregnant and I tried everything I could to induce labor but God had other plans.


When I think back on it, I complained a lot. Pregnancy is hard. It changes your body and makes you very uncomfortable by the end, but with all that pain of pregnancy and labor, I know one thing for sure, I would do it all over again, any day. Pregnancy is beautiful, truly a miracle.  Yes, pregnancy completely changed my body. I have stretch marks, my hips and ribs did spread but I love it, I cherish those changes because it’s proof that I carried my son. I carried and nurtured a human being. So to any woman who is pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, no matter the situation or outcome, it’s worth it, all of it.  I so badly want to carrying life inside me again. I know that this isn’t the right time but I just crave the opportunity to do it all over again. I will never forget about my son Arlo, he forever hold a place in my heart because I carried him under it for nine full months. He is and always will be my miracle baby.

Arlo Riley, I hope you know that I’m eternally grateful that I got the chance to have had you growing inside me. I adored everything about you from the start. You taught me so much about unconditional love and sacrifice. You were worth every little pain and discomfort. I would do it all over again if I could.


Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy. I’d have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance of in life to assist God in a miracle.”