“..Imagine a love so strong it made saying hello and goodbye in the same day worth all the pain.”

When I first saw that quote, I managed to smile through the tears.
When I was seventeen I was told I had a very slim chance of having kids. When the first test came out positive I didn’t believe it at first so I bought two more and when those also came out positive I cried.. For both fear and excitement, just like any other woman who didn’t plan a pregnancy. I never wanted kids, growing up with a unstable family life, surrounded by divorce and constant fighting over my brother and I and fights over child support. The thought just made me uncomfortable. That’s one of the main reasons why I chose adoption for Arlo, the last thing I wanted to do is put him through things I had to deal with. I didn’t want to spend the next eighteen years of his life fighting with his father and whatever else would go on. That wasn’t fair, he deserved a normal family life, the one I always dreamed about when I was younger.


I tried everything in my power to make sure he would be surrounded by nothing but love and compassion, which I knew I would get with Steve and Christiane. They were good people just all around. I knew in my heart he would always be in good hands.

I’m so astonished by how many lives my son has impacted in his short time being here. He is so loved by so many and it just blows me away. I recently found out that the city of Denver is planting a tree in a park this spring in memory of him and one of Christiane coworkers took up a collection and donated a bunch of money in Arlo’s memory to a non-profit group in Haiti. I get random text or messages on Facebook saying that person went to visit his gravesite and I get sweet letters in the mail.

Without the incredible support of my family, friends, boyfriend and the amazing ladies at Adoption by Heart, I don’t know if I could have made it this far. You all mean so much to me.

Arlo Riley, I told you that you were loved baby and you will always be. Your memory will live on.. You will never be forgotten, I will promise you that. You are my inspiration for many things little one. I’m always thinking about you and am always missing you. I cherished every moment I held you in my arms. I love you to the moon and back angel.
Forever in my heart.