There is so much running through my mind, it feels like my thoughts are literally crashing into the side of my skull trying to break free, but my mouth for some reason cant form the words to make them come out. I am confused, hurt and angry, I dont understand. We are the smartest, most intelligent species to ever walk this earth yet we cant grasp how to love and accept one another as we are.  We have created medicines that have saved millions of lives, we have gone to space and created robots. Yet in the year 2016 we are unable to understand that not everything is how it was written in our history books. As humans we cant figure out that life changes whether we like it or not.

“So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” FDR

Fear is the sidewalk we walk down every day, with the expectation that everything will be ok, but its not.  Fear is hoping, that you can send you kids to school, with out them getting kidnapped, shot, or rapped. Its sending your husband to work not knowing if they will be back in the morning because they wear a badge. Its the confusion on what bathroom you can or can not use. Its going to the movies, or the club trying to escape the hatred of the world only for the world to follow you in and kill you. Fear is not knowing if my dad will come home because of his job, or that my brother wont come home because of his skin color,  or my birth son fathers wont come home because they love each other. Fear consumes so much of life that its hard to enjoy it.

Fear dictates us, its our leader, and it has everyone in chains.  We can sit here and point fingers and blame this person or that person but its all of us. We have installed this fear, this hatred, this loathing into everyone’s minds from the time we are born. Its all we are taught its the only thing in history books. Fear spreads faster then any diseases its taken over the tabloids its on every corner and in every store.

I dont want to live like this I am sure no one wants to live like this, so why do we? We learn from a very early age not to judge a book by its cover yet its the first thing anyone does. Its time to read the inside cover, get to know the book the story, the background before we put it back on the shelf and deem it as not “right”. I challenge everyone to get to know someone who you normally wouldnt. Help, smile, hug talk to anyone who isnt “normal” be the change that everyone seeks. Stop thinking it will just happen we have to make it happen.

To anyone who fears being who they are i am sorry, I wish more then anything that it wasnt like that for you. I am here you are not alone. I am the birthmother who understands why you placed you baby, I am the sister who understands having a biracial brother, I am the daughter who understands the fear of having someone you love wear the badge. I am the friend who supports who you love. I am the student who knows that not all religions are bad. But most of all I am human and I share this world with you help me understand your life if I dont already. Peace love and universal blessings to all.