When you are little you always think that your friend at the time will be your best friend forever you make plans about the future and how you want it to be. When I was growing up  my best friend and I had plans of moving to New York, she was going to be a singer and I was going to be a model, we were going to live in a penthouse apartment over the years our plans changed a little bit but we were best friends for 9 years until changes happened and then we werent.  It broke my heart for almost a year and I often still think of her and what it would be like if we were still close like we were. I remember the day she got married, her smile was radiant as it always has been she was so beautiful. I cried as the flush of our childhood memories came back to me how I was going to be her maid of honor and she was going to be mine but it wasnt like that but I was still honored to be at her wedding and she set the example of what friends should be.

In high school I had a few close friends but nothing like what I was used to and sadly they all ended badly. I have always been the person who tries to friend everyone and puts trust in almost anyone but it never really pans out for the good. When I was 16 I met my best friend, she was older then me and my parents really didnt like that we hung out but what teenager listens to their parents haha.  She was and still is the best advice giver, we would sit in my driveway and talk for hours forgetting the time until my parents would call me angry wondering where i was. She is my movie buddy the only person that will watch scary movies with me, one of my most favorite times with her was staying up all night watch the Hannibal movies and other scary movies while we ate geolies (family recipe). We have had a few falling outs but always got close again. She was my number one support system with my last pregnancy and I will forever be thankful for that. I cherish every conversation we have and all the laughs.

When I was pregnant I got really close to someone who I used to not get along very often,  she was only a few weeks ahead of me in our pregnancies and we bonded so much we were each other support during the entire thing. She became like a little sister to me. I was so glad that we were able to do that for eachother because it made the adoption process easier and pregnancy easier.  My heart broke when hers did and I try and be there for her as much as i can and even though she is hurting she is there for me as well.  She cracks me up and i have grown to adore her and our conversations. With out her I wouldnt of met the adoptive family and gained my new extended family. With out her the adoption would of been 10 times harder. I love her and I hope she knows i will always be there for her.

Recently I have gotten really close to a fellow birthmom. At first I didnt want to talk to her, i didnt know her and i was pregnant and hormonal and didnt want to meet anyone new, But she texted every day several times a day. I couldnt understand why she wanted to talk to me so much but i am glad i finally texted her back because she also has been a huge support and its nice to have someone to talk to who understands what i am going through. She is always telling me that what you are feeling is normal its ok. She is one of the most generous  most caring people i have ever met. She makes me feel so awesome about myself and my decision and just as a person. She has become like a big sister to me and I couldnt imagine my life with out her.

You cant live life with out friends, they give the love and support that you need. They are there for you when you need them the most even if you are yelling and screaming or crying and they can barley understand you. They are there to make you laugh at your lowest and there at your highest. I would be lost with out these ladies in my life. They are the sisters i never had and im so glad fate or God or whatever brought us together. I love them all and always will. They made there footprints in my heart and they will always stay. Even if we dont see eachother all the time and go days with out talking i know they will always be there and I will always be there for them. I hope they know that.