This time of age its hard. Its hard to be black, cause of all the main headlines that hit the news. Its hard to be white, cause you’re afraid that everyone sees you as racist. Its hard to be Muslim cause everyone thinks your are a terriost. Its hard to be gay, cause everyone thinks its wrong. Its hard to be a single mother cause you don’t get the help you need or everyone labels you as a slut. ITs hard when you place your kid for adoption cause everyone labels you as the mom who gave up. Its hard to be a cop cause everyone labels you as a murder. Its hard to be skinny cause people labels you with a eating disorder. Its hard to be a size 12 cause everyone labels you as overweight. Its hard to be to have tattoos cause everyone labels you as a criminal.

Labels control this world, and the sad thing is, is everyone feeds into it.  Im tired of the dirty stares, Im tired of this mask that society has molded me into. Im tired of people just not excepting one an other for who they are. Im tired and grieving every day. Im tired of worrying. Im tired of always looking behind my shoulder. Im tired of this place we call home, The USA. I want to wake up one morning and not see all this hate surrounded by me.  I wish everyone was blind to race no one saw black and white. I wish more the anything that I didnt have to fear for my brothers life every time he leaves the house, I wish I didnt have to fear for my sons fathers to be discriminated against cause they are gay. But more then anything I wish my kids can grow up in the world that I remember. Maybe it was my innocents that was blocking reality but I wish that innocents was the reality.

Im white, I have tattoos, I had a child out of wed lock and placed him with a gay couple,  I have a black brother, Im blonde, that what everyone sees me as but that doesnt define who I am.

I am a writer, I am a mother, I love my family, Im in school, Im married, I chose adoption, im caring, im compassionate, i try and help everyone before i help myself.  Thats me, thats who I am, everything else you see me as is skin deep. Thats all anyone is, dont judge them by the way the look because they are different then you, dont judge them by who they love cause its different then who you love. Just accept everyone, treat everyone like you wanted to be treated. Stop spreading hate spread love. How can we be and strive to be the greatest nation on earth when we are constantly fighting among ourselves


Rykers fathers and I. Ryker was still in my belly.


My oldest son, Noah


My brother, Sammy.


My Middle baby Nate




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