Milestones are something every mother looks forward to. There is some sort of inward reward we get out of it, knowing our child has accomplished something new. I remember the first time both my kids did something for the first time, I would start yelling and clapping and try and get them to do it again, while they gave me that look like what the heck have you lost your mind why are you so happy what did I do.  I love when my kids learn something new what can I say.

The first milestone any child can accomplish, my favorite is when they learn to smile. Some of you maybe like what that isnt a milestone!? To me it is, that moment they learn what makes them happy and learn how to express it visibly. To me that is everything, because somewhere down the line a lot of us adults forget how to do that, express what makes us happy. Seeing your child smile and giggle is so heart melting. Moments freeze in time when you hear that little baby laugh and you see that huge smile on their faces.  I loved being able to see those moments for the first time with my two oldest kids, and I thought it would be hard not being able to witness  Rykers first smile, but it wasnt as bad as I thought. Seeing that picture of him smiling stopped me right in my tracks brought tears to my eyes and a huge smile to my face. It was amazing being able to see it. His smile is just like Noahs its amazing the resemblance.

I thank God every day I was lucky, and blessed enough to have the amazing parents Ryker has because they include me in everything and it doesnt really feel like I miss out on any of the milestones. Although we live in different states, technology connects us so I am able to be apart (in some way) of these milestones.

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