Mother’s day is the day all mommies look forward to. A special day to celebrate all the hard work and dedication they give to their babies on a daily basis. Flowers, cards and a day to relax and take a break. A truly wonderful day.

But for a mother who child was taken from them, it completely different.

Today is the first Mother’s day since my son has passed away and it is heartbreaking. I don’t really feel like a mom, I know that I am but since my son isn’t here, it makes me realize that I’m alone. I have no baby to hold and celebrate the good work I have done. I feel so empty. I see all these posts about how being a mom is the best job in the world and how they wouldn’t change a thing and here I am not knowing how that feels. I’m a mom but have no idea what being a mom feels like.  I want to know what that feeling feels like.. Today’s another reminder that my son isn’t here and he isn’t coming back. A reminder that every holiday I’m going to feel this way. I will remain empty and alone in a sense.

Today, be sure to say Happy Mother’s day to every mom out there. Including the mother who lost their babies due to miscarriage, infant loss and to any mother who has lost their child. Today is a very hard to any woman who has suffered a loss. Because all today for us is a reminder, a horrible and heart wrenching reminder.

Happy Mother’s day to every incredible mom out there. May your day be blessed and full of love.