I met my hero when I was 4, he didnt wear a cape or a mask of any sort but a blue uniform with a shiny badge.
My mom was babysitting when some guy broke in demanding to speak to the father of the children she was watching, apparently he owed this guy money, he held a knife to my moms neck and threatened to kill her. My hero was the officer that responded to the scene of the crime, and he eventually became the man that I would call dad.
He took in my brother and I and eventually had another kid with my mom. He taught us how to spell our names, and ride bikes. We had movie nights and played catch in the summer, he took us camping and taught us to fish and hike. Although he had and still has a hard exterior he has one of the kindness hearts. It didnt take long for me to be daddies little girl and as my mom says wrapped around my finger. He set the example of what a father should be and what I wanted  the father of my kids to be like.
2 of my kids have 1 awesome dad, in the past year he has stepped up and became the awesome man and father I always knew he could be and always wanted in life. He spoils the kids rotten, he teaches them everything he knows, electronics, games, books, he taught Noah had to ride a bike and how to fix a computer. It amazes me every day how close he has gotten with them. Both kids wait at the door and scream daddy as he is pulling up from work and it melts my heart. He has fit the example of my dad, and i couldnt be happier.
1 of my kids has 2 awesome fathers, from the start they have showed so much support. They spoil him rotten and cherish everything about him.They drove almost a 2 hours every day for a week to visit Ryker in the hospital while he was sick.  They cuddle him while he sleeps and sing to him. They cheer him on when he tries to pick his head up or roll over and it brings a smile to my face every time i get to witness these events. They have been discouraged but have risen above it and showed everyone how awesome they are at being dads.
All my boys have wonderful fathers in their lives and I hope maybe one day they will consider them hero’s, like i consider my father my hero.