Here we are. A glimpse into our lives. We are beyond excited and have a wonderful support system that is 100% on board. We’re all excited to start the next chapter and it wouldnt be possible without you. We recognize that this may be a difficult time in your life and will be there for you to offer unconditional love and support.

We welcome you and your family into our hearts and are excited to create new memories every step of the way. We will provide a loving and safe environment for your child. An environment ; to be a hero, a scholar, a dancer, a doctor, an astronaut, to be uniquely themselves. We encourage dreaming and achieving the unimaginable.

The sky is the limit and everyone will be on the sidelines encouraging and cheering them on. We want nothing more for them to capture their gift and excel regardless of what they choose to do.

After all, a child can never be loved by too many people.

Nick & Kris

Every time, I feel upset and question myself a little I read this letter Nick and Kris put in their adoption book. It always brings a smile to my face and reminds me exactly why I chose them to parent Ryker. Because of this I knew my son wouldnt be restricted to follow his dreams, I knew he would be raised to love and care about everyone no matter their background or lifestyle. To this day Nick and Kris have kept up with their promise of welcoming me into their lives, and supporting me with the decision I made. I couldnt be happier. Ryker is one lucky little dude to have two amazing parents who love him so much. And I will be forever grateful that these two are in my lives.