244 weeks and 3 days have passed since the moment you came into this world. You were quiet, and I remember saying “Whats wrong with my baby, dont they normally scream when they come out”, then they placed you in my arms and your dark blue eyes just stared at me, and you grasped onto my thumb. 5 years have passed since that day. Tuesday was your first day of school. I was signing you in and I saw you  hang your backpack up and go sit down on the rug, eager and ready for the days instructions. I whispered bye, I love you but you didnt hear me. I walked away with tears in my eyes. My baby, the little boy who made me a mom. The little boy who taught me patience, who taught me what true unconditional love is and who made me realize what life is really about, is no longer a baby. Hes smart, funny, witty, caring, eager, and hyper. He makes me want to pull my hair out, run away and scream I GIVE UP, he pushes me harder then anyone has ever done before but he is my savior. He is my light, he is my motivation, my will and my courage. My baby isnt a baby any more, hes a big kid.  I flip through pictures and my eyes swell with tears. Tears of happiness and sorrow, time has flown by and as I type this I still find it hard to believe its already been ok almost been 5 years. My chubby, smiling, drooling, crawling baby is now a walking talking real human, haha just kidding but seriously cherish every single minute of your time because before you know it, 2,463,840 minutes have passed and you wonder if you cherished all of them.