Lets face the facts, we are a culture that is ran on social media. Social media is the place where we share pictures and update family and friends we dont see often. Social media has replaced the ways we meet people, the way we talk and the way we approach every day situations.  Social media has become the vessel that keeps everyone in the know. However social media has also become the platform to drag one another down. Its amazing to see how much negative emotions are spread around the world wide web. Its amazing how, Im sorry to say it, but how dumb social media has formed people into. People spread pictures or memes of current events that are twisted into ways that arent fully the truth but many people believe they are. Social media has made us so we dont learn about the facts just accept them as they are forwarded.  Social media is the place everyone turns to when someone gets shot or are fighting, videos are posted and the hate just spreads and spreads. I find it really interesting that more hate is spread then positive.  So I have made it my goal to only post positive things. My life in the eyes of social media may seem like its amazing but, its just like everyone else. There are days I feel defeated and that everyone and everything is against me but who am I to spread that negative and bring everyone into that negative space I am in? Ive come to the conclusion that life is endless suffering because we cant just accept things the way they are and make it our mission to get more. All you have is now this moment in time and even this moment is already in the past why dwell on it why spread that one negative moment that is now lost forever time, it  is gone there is no taking it back so stop thinking about it and stop spreading it.
I use my facebook to boast about my children and to spread the positive. Its amazing how reading positive can affect people you dont really talk to. In the last week I have been privetly messaged by two different people that I haven’t talked to since high school, telling me that they love how positive I am and how I look at life and that I am a inspiration and their reason that they have a slightly better day.  Social media has the power to change people for the better we just have to be the better that the world needs.