Adoption is so much more then what it is viewed as  by people who haven’t gone through it.  We are always taught that our only alternative is abortion. I know most people will say “well i don’t want to put my body through that its easier to get an abortion and get it over with”. They say “choosing adoption is selfish” I understand not wanting to put your body through that, stretch marks and sickness and gaining weight sucks if you think of it only as that, if you think of it as you are a vessel, a home you’re creating life, you’re a super hero being able to do that.  Look at it from a different angle, there are many women who would love to put their body through that but cant and would give anything to experience that.  Choosing adoption is the least selfish thing you could ever do. You’re giving your child to someone who waited what seems to be a life time for that blessing, you are going against human nature and placing your baby in the arms of another mother instead of your own. In my opinion the other alternative is selfish. Ending the life of someone because you are not ready is kinda selfish, you were ready to have sex then you are ready to deal with what comes with sex, own up to your responsibility you had sex you got pregnant its no ones fault but yours, and think of what you are creating, think what that baby could grow up to be, the next Doctor, or astronaut you will never know if you get an abortion, if you’re not ready there is a family out there who is.

You all have heard what my experience with adoption is but I wanted to ask Ryker parents what they felt about it and how they like being fathers, this is what they had to say.

“Being a father is the best and scariest thing in the world. It’s amazing to see a little one learn and discover new things around them and see their face light up when the finally figure something out. But it’s the scariest because you’re actually responsible and you do anything in the world to protect and provide for them….I think our story is great! I think it’s different from what others might experience which is okay. I think we have open and honest communication which is a key part, but we also both realize that each side can get busy. There’s never a minute that we dont think about you. We do it every day when we look at Ryker. We cheer you on even if its form the sidelines. We get excited about updates from you and your kids. We are like family. And through it all, its important not to lose sight into whats the most important in this journey, the triad. We could say that this journey is just starting and there is never an end as we just keep adding more and more chapters”

This is why I love adoption. The triad. The never ending bond we will always have, even after Ryker is grown. Its like a bond you have with your husband or wife that bond you get when you have kids its unbreakable even if that relationship doesn’t last. Rykers parents and I may have not created his life together but they are keeping it going. Its hard to explain in words. Its like trying to explain love no one ever has the same answer or response its just something that you feel and know that’s its there.