The Women Behind it All

Before I came to Adoptions by Heart I was with a different agency, my counselor was a really nice person but the agency didn’t seem to fit with me. I felt like they weren’t as open as I wanted everything to be, they didn’t help me with much of anything, they tried to help me with food once but everything they gave me was expired by years and years. My friend who was pregnant along side of me and who was also placing her son for adoption told me to contact Adoptions by Heart, so I did. I texted Geri right away, and right away she called me and right away she sent over Jeanne to take me grocery shopping.  Geri and Jeanne go out of their ways to make sure any birth mom gets everything she needs. They make you feel like family, they are there 24/7 with advice, ears, shoulders to lean on, counseling, laughs everything.  They go out of their way to ensure every birth mother is comfortable with her decision to place her baby for adoption.
Recently they have been subjected to other adoption agency’s going around, trying to discourage people from working with Adoptions by Heart and its mind boggling. I have never felt closer, care about, counseled and helped more by any other women in the world.   I don’t understand why anyone would say such lies, and I encourage both birthmothers and families to find out for themselves.
Geri and Jeanne have been referred to as angles on earth, compared to mothers and grandmothers. Since I have been with Adoptions by Heart I feel like my family extended not with just with the family that adopted my son, but Geri has become like a second mom to me, Jeanne is the grandmother I never had, all the birth mothers have become like sisters that I never had. It’s such a close knit group and I would recommend this agency to everyone.

Thank you Geri you are an amazing women, mother, friend and counselor. Without you I don’t think I would be where I am at with the decision I made.  You are the most caring, compassionate person out there, especially about your job, your passion always stick out to me about you.  You are one of the only people I know that truly loves what they do and because of that you put your heart into everything to help all of us birth mom’s everyway you can. So from the bottom of my heart thank you.

Thank you Jeanne for all the times you helped take me to my doctor appointments watched my two older kids, taken me to the store. You have become like the grandmother I never had. My kids adore you and I cherish that so much.

These women are a godsend amazing wonderful loving  and caring.  Im glad i met them


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    April 13, 2015 at 1:43 pm

    I agree. I am so happy with the choice to take this journey with adoptions by heart. I feel like family not another number of people waiting for a baby. Thank you Jeanne and Geri for creating a special place for us all.

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