Writing this entry while on the plane to Baltimore with my boys. Im excited to have some down time and see my folks. This will be our first visit since I was pregnant and had Eva. Life was to busy last year so we didnt make our annual trip home. I’ve focused so much on mine and the boys feelings on the adoption that I’m not really sure how my parents feel. We dont talk a lot about it, although I do share photos with them. Even though she isnt living in my home, she is their biological grandchild and I hope they feel that way. I know in a recent conversation with my father, he wasnt sure whether to tell people he had 8 or 9 grandchildren. I told him I tell others I have 3 children so he has 9 grandchildren. I guess this visit will give us the opportunity to talk freely about the adoption and how they feel. Hopefully it is healing, as I know they feel a loss too.

Im interested in how other birthmoms families reacted to their decision to complete and adoption. I’d love to hear from you ladies!